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 Forum Log Update

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PostSubject: Forum Log Update   Fri Dec 30, 2011 7:52 am

27th March 2013 Anon persuades developers to make this the main forum for Orionxnova.
27th March 2013 Added new header to forum.
27th March 2013 Added Orionxnova Fenix category and forums.
27th March 2013 Orionxnova.com project restarted.
23rd March 2013 Anon sends out newsletter challenge to forum members.
23rd March 2013 Anon persuades developers to make this forum main forum to site.
23rd March 2013 Anon adjusts forum to reflect Nexus Rebirth Universe.
18th March 2013 OrionEmpires.com commences Rebirth with Nexus. The best development to date.
3rd November 2012 Orionempires.tk & orionxnova.tk domains abandoned & pulled.
5th October 2012 Orionxnova.com project abandoned & ceases.
21st July 2012 Developers experiment on several universes later abandoned and deleted.
1st January 2012 Anon registers the free domain orionxnova.tk and points it to forum
1st January 2012 The Shadow reconfirms Moderator status
31st December 2011 Dark Dawg, The Fallen, Altair, athen2, upthevale de-Moderated (two many)
31st December 2011 Portal page display modified and now improved (no silly ads)
30th December 2011 Game Help and Unofficial Forum News added
30th December 2011 New header and minor design changes
30th December 2011 Chat box moved to page footer
30th December 2011 Anon given total control of forum
30th December 2011 Anon made Moderator and then Administrator
30th December 2011 Anon registers the free domain orionempires.tk and points it to forum
30th December 2011 Anon requests forum be cleaned from spam
16th January 2011 Developers & Administrators give forum to members
16th January 2011 Dark Dawg, The Fallen, The Shadow, Altair, athen2, upthevale made Moderators
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Forum Log Update
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